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Makeup is made of pigments, waxes, oils and chemicals. It is moldable objects in various shapes and put into glossy containers, given names. It is made in big factories. Usage and representation of these shapes creates emotional and political value, power. This is where the magic happens. Beautysleeping Crybaby is a space where all the power, questions and the simple fun of it is being presented, simultaneously. An ambivalent dialogue between me and you. Your response is your secret, my thoughts as well. The prospect of capturing a vivid and dynamic discussion, both critical and validating at the same time, gives you the power to affect your relationship to makeup

Beautysleeping Crybaby

Thesis project


My thesis project Beautysleeping Crybaby was presented and exhibited as a spatial installation at OW BAMA,the student graduate show at Röhsska. Part of Open Week , Gothenburg Design Festival, 2017.

Watch my process blog here

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